[Gossip] “Nigeria breaks my heart everyday” – Singer, Simi cries out


Simi, a musician, used her Twitter account on Wednesday night to express her sadness and annoyance at the state of Nigeria.

Recall that President Bola Tinubu scrapped the gasoline subsidy, causing the price of fuel to increase to N612 per litre.

As a result, both the cost of living and the price of goods have generally increased.

She expressed her deep sorrow for Nigeria, saying it hurts her heart every single day.

The artist voiced her worries about the country’s condition and her complaints about Nigerians’ ongoing problems.

The ‘Duduke’ singer questioned how Nigerians are coping with the current economic crisis.

she wrote:

“Nigeria just breaks my heart a little more everyday. How are people surviving?”

Simi’s emotional outpour resonated with her followers and sparked a passionate dialogue surrounding the desperate condition that plagues the country.

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