[Entertainment] Movie Review: Love, Lust & Other Things is sweet and sour


Just like the romantic title, Love, Lust & Other Things, which Kayode Kasum directed, tells the story of a woman who gets divorced and sets out on a journey of self-discovery to figure out what she really wants in life. 

She abandons her marriage of five years to track herself down and satisfy her sexual urge.

Love, Lust & Other Things features Nollywood movie stars such as Wale Ojo, Kunle Remi, Real Warri Pikin, Yakub Mohammed, Efe Irele, and Gloria Young.

Lydia, the divorcee played by Osas Ighodaro meets Khalid (played by Ramsey Noauh), a 56-year-old business tycoon who is ready to sweep her off her feet. 


Everything seemed smooth until a blast from the past resurfaced and continued to taunt her.

He is an oldie but a goodie, and he comes tumbling in, taking steps to demolish everything she had perfected for herself.

Ramsey Nouah and Kunle Remi Connection

The script is interesting, and the main characters delivered their roles as expected. They gave stellar performances. Ramsey Nouah and Kunle Remi

Ramsey Nouah and Kunle Remi AND they had a good connection.

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