[Gossip] Dabota Lawson opens up about coping with her failed marriage



During her interview on TVC’s program ‘Your View‘, she shed some light on her messy divorce in 2014 and her parents’ reaction to the news.

According to her, her ex-husband later reached out to her to seek forgiveness. In her words, “He contacted me and apologised for a lot of things, but I have moved past that stage. I’m not emotionally invested in it, so I was able to forgive, and we have been fine since then.”

Going further, Dabota revealed that she went back home to her parents after her divorce. Contrary to the reaction expected from Nigerian parents, they welcomed her with open arms. According to her, nobody wanted to disturb her, and no questions were asked.

“My parents were so happy to have me back; my dad and my mother didn’t ask any questions. Nobody really wanted to stress me about it. I just went home and was fine,” she stated.

The former beauty queen got married to successful businessman Aku in a lavish wedding attended by many influential people in December 2015.

At the time of their marriage, she was 23 years old while her husband was 58 years old. The 35-year-age-gap quickly became a talking point among many who felt the gap was too wide and she was too young. She stood her ground that she married for love and the age

gap was no issue for her.

The couple welcomed their daughter to the world on Saturday, October 8, 2016. The next year, the former beauty queen filed for divorce. According to several reports, the couple got divorced because Aku was still legally married to someone else at the time they got married. On those grounds, she decided to annul the marriage.

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